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29th Infantry Division Association: Official website fo the 29th Division Association.
The 116th Infantry Regiment "Stonewall Brigade": Official Home of the 116th Infantry Regiment "The Stonewall Brigade".
American D-Day: This website pays homage to those young Americans, who fought 06 June 1944, at Omaha Beach, Utah Beach, and the Pointe du Hoc, places responsible for changing the course of history.
Let's Go! The story of the 29th Infantry Division: "29 Let's Go!" is a small booklet covering the history of the 29th Infantry Division. This booklet is one of the series of G.I. Stories published by the Stars & Stripes in Paris in 1944-1945.
Omaha Beach Memorial: Omaha Beach Memorial perpetuates the memory of the American soldiers who landed on Omaha Beach in 1944.
Virginia National Guard: Home Page of the Virginia National Guard.
Maryland National Guard: Home Page for the Maryland National Guard.
29th Infantry Division (Light), 116th Infantry, 1st Battalion - Virginia National Guard
29th Infantry Division (Light), 116th Infantry, 2nd Battalion - Virginia National Guard
29th Infantry Re-enactement Group: US re-enactement group, WWII.
The 29th Division WWII Living History Group: US re-enactement group, WWII.
29th (UK), 116th Regiment, C Company, Re-enactement Group: English re-enactement group, WWII.
Fredericksburg Memorial Military Museum: This museum is dedicated to the men and women of Fredericksburg Virginia area who served of freedom.
Hq Company, 116th Infantry, 29th Division: This page dedicate to reenacting the experiences and sights of the Great War of 1914-1918.
D-Day - Etat des lieux
Normandy 44
www.unithistories.com: WWII and unit histories & officers
www.hardscrabblefarm.com/ww2/index.htm: World War II – Living History & Reenacting Information
www.ww2rangerseco.com: 2nd Ranger Battalion E Company Living History & Reenacting Group
www.wartimeliving.co.uk: Wartime Living History Association
World War II D-Day Maps
Vet Friends
D-Day Modelling
146th Engineer Combat Bn: The 29th Infantry Division shared the beach with the 146th ECB during the D-Day invasion of Normandy on Omaha Beach. Their site contains photographs of men from the 146th ECB submitted for their showing on their site by either themselves or by their family. The 29th's history is quite interesting.
Chateau de Colombieres: Listed as an ancient monument and located between Bayeux and Isigny sur Mer, close to the Normandy Landing Beaches, the Château de Colombières is one of the most outstanding feudal fortresses of Lower Normandy
Combat Reels:  29th US Infantry Division in Normandy, 1944 Combat Film DVD
The 29th Infantry Division Morning Reports, WWII:  Ralph Windler, a veteran devoted approximately 5 years to researching the morning reports of the 29th infantry division from June 6, 1944 to May 1945. He did this with some help from others. His basic goal was to compile a database of all the reports so that veterans and their family members can actually search for details of the lives of the veterans.